*Proprietary algorithms& technologies:
EDAN G2 CO2 (Side stream)
1-Superior water trap design for accurate monitoring.
2-iCARB® algorithm with intelligent CO2 pseudo wave identification technology.
3-Sampling rate as low as 50ml/min.
4-Accessories for all patient types.

Customizable 6-lead placement for more ECG waves.
Automatic lead type detection.
Industry leading iSEAPTM algorithm with auto-detection of 33 types of arrhythmias.
SEMIP® algorithm with 208 ECG findings over age/gender diversities.

Dual dust filter design makes no blockage inside and provides accurate
NIBP readings.
Unique cleaning mode for routine maintenance.
iCUFSTM algorithm with smart deflation technology.

iMATTM algorithm with outstanding motion resistance and low perfusion
resistance performance.
Reference reading of Perfusion Index (PI) from 0 to 10 according
to perfusion changes.
Simultaneous measurements of SpO2 and NIBP
of the same limb.