This operating table is suitable for surgical procedures of the head, neck, thorax, abdomen perineum and extremities as well as for gynecological, obstetrical, urological, otorhino laryngological and cranial operations. It can be raised , lowered, Reversed Trendelenburg, Trendelenburg, Lateral Tilt. Leg
sedtion can be rotated , opened, disassembled and adjusted easily. It is most adapt to the urological operation. The table top made of high strength plastic can move backwards and forwards. X-ray examination can be carried out on it.
It can be raised or lowered hydraulically by means of an oil pump. Various positions can be controlled from both side. Chassis inside outside cover of

Main Specification
Trendelenburg/Revers Trendelenburg>30/>20
Lateral Tilt>18/>18
Head Section Up/Down>45/90
Leg Section Up/Down/Outside>15>90/>90
Back Section Up/Down>75/>18
Kidney Bridge Lift115mm
Load Capacity250kg