HDZF series is fully enclosed streamlined dual-lamp body structure, fully meeting the high standards of disinfection and laminar flow
in today’s operating room.
Using CAD / CAM technology to create overall reflection optical system, Adopting color temperature compensation technology to
enhance color reproduction, more suitable for brain surgery, thoracic surgery and other complex large lighting operations.
The type is movable with stand.
It is mounted type and has monitor, the product can be based on user’s demand matching video surveillance system for image

model HDZF-700
contentreflector DIAMETER 700MM
center Light intensity120klx-140klx
spot diameter(d10)>180mm
column depth>700mm
increasing temperature4500+_500k
color rendering index (CRI)>92
switch between main and assistant buldAutomatic
IIIumination adjustment8-level sequentially
bulb watt150W
total radiated energy Ee where the illuminance reaches max level>500 w/m2
mechanical characteristics
spring arm around fixed holder>360
bracket around spring arm>360
rotation of horizontal bracketclockwise>140 anti-anticlockwise>140
lamp head around horizontal bracket clockwise>100 anti-anticlockwise>100
up and down of balancing armup>40 down >40